How self advocacy began

This is the post excerpt.


 Self Advocacy sticking up for people with disabilities.
The self advocacy movement started in the 1960s most likely in Sweden, they began by forming groups so that individuals with disabilities may discuss, how they would like to be treated. In the 1970’s self advocacy awareness began to spread to other countries such as Great Britain and Canada. The Canadian group was unhappy with how it was being done, and decided to form a self advocacy group of their own, they called themselves “people first”. After that self advocacy spread nation wide. Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Connelly a politician from Staten Island was appointed chairwoman of the Assembly committee on mental Health, mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, Alcoholism, and substance Abuse in 1977. She played a huge role in the closing of the infamous Willowbrook state school and the self advocacy movement itself.
(The paragraph above will be displayed at the college of Staten Island and Elizabeth Connelly Center)

Wishful Thinking

I wish to be a hostess at a restaurant. It’s hard to get a job at a restaurant as a hostess. People with disabilities have a hard time getting a job as a hostess. We need to have a job coach with us and some places don’t allow a job coach with us on the floor. I would need to have a job coach with me while I work.

LGBT Disabilities Self Advocacy

Me and Nikki met up at the ferry in the morning. We went to the Staten Island mall and worked on my writing and went to Applebee’s for dinner. We took the bus to the LGBT disabilities self advocacy meeting, it was called Prideability. They talked about disabilities and self advocacy and how parents don’t want their children having sex. Some parents might not think their children are educated enough and they won’t be careful. Staff doesn’t always agree with parents on this subject. They especially talked about how people who are gay and have a disability don’t have a support system on Staten Island. People are allowed to be gay and have a disability. We have to make a group for people with disabilities who are members of the LGBT community and their allies.

A Far away Place

I wish to go to Paris and Bahamas. I would like to go on a cruise to visit more places warm. They have to be nice people there I want to explore around the country and learn new things about myself. I wish we had a program that took us to different countries to learn different languages and see different animals around the world, learn about them.

The recipe for a good restaurant

I want to work in a restaurant as a hostess. I like a good atmosphere in a restaurant. I like to see pictures and decorations, and people talking. The manager has to be nice, patient in a restaurant. I like Applebee’s because the workers are nice,helpful,patient. People with disabilities who want a job in a restaurant sometimes isn’t easy to find a job for people with disabilities in a restaurant. Some restaurants don’t allow a job coach on the floor.


I want to the ferry to meet up with staff. I got to there at 8:57am and didn’t leave until 10:30am. I was there for so long because staff wanted to wait for people in and out of program. Once every one showed up then suddenly we had to wait for people to go to both room and get food. Then I even had to wait for them to eat their food too. We finally leave there and want to McDonald’s want I didn’t want to be there.