How self advocacy began

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 Self Advocacy sticking up for people with disabilities.
The self advocacy movement started in the 1960s most likely in Sweden, they began by forming groups so that individuals with disabilities may discuss, how they would like to be treated. In the 1970’s self advocacy awareness began to spread to other countries such as Great Britain and Canada. The Canadian group was unhappy with how it was being done, and decided to form a self advocacy group of their own, they called themselves “people first”. After that self advocacy spread nation wide. Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Connelly a politician from Staten Island was appointed chairwoman of the Assembly committee on mental Health, mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, Alcoholism, and substance Abuse in 1977. She played a huge role in the closing of the infamous Willowbrook state school and the self advocacy movement itself.
(The paragraph above will be displayed at the college of Staten Island and Elizabeth Connelly Center)

People with disabilities having IEP and Don’t have GED Diploma

I have an IEP diploma. IEP stands for “individualized education program.” IEP is not the same as a high school diploma or GED. It’s hard to get a job without a GED because a lot of jobs don’t want people with IEP diploma. I still don’t have a job because I don’t have a GED diploma. I want to get one and I tried but it was hard for me.

I would like high schools to get people with disabilities a high schools diploma instead of a IEP diploma because people with a disability can get a good job with one.


My brother works as a scuba diver for the NYPD. My brother took over my grandfather’s job. He drives and takes care of the boats in the Harbor now, and scuba dives. He used to drive the boats in the Harbor. My brother dives in the water to save people that jumps off bridges. It could be dangerous sometimes but he loves working as a scuba diver.

I think my brother’s job is dangerous. I am very worried about him working as a scuba diver sometimes. I have bad dreams about him working as a police officer. For example, I dreamt that bridges were blowing up and my brother was on the boat driving. I was worried that my brother was dead.

Do you have bad dreams? Tell me comments below.

Transportation For People with Disabilities And Without A Disability

The issue is the MTA. I chose this because it affects mine and my friends day to day lives. The issue is not only people with disabilities it’s everybody in New York City has issues too with buses and subways MTA board meeting in the city, self advocacy they should fix the issues then raise the fairs after they fix the issues and there’s not a enough buses and trans in New York City they need more ramps, elevators for wheelchairs and strollers.

My issue is the lack of accessibility within the MTA, New York City.The reason why I chose this issue is because I have close friends who are affected by this. I am Part of a group called self advocacy, and we go to MTA board meetings friends in self advocacy speaks at the board meeting they speak about having more MetroCard Kiosks, no more Fair hikes for the buses and trains and having subways be more accessibility . ELEVATOR ACTION GROUP is a group that works with people in wheelchairs and helping them advocate to have more elevators and ramps at subway stations. I think going to the MTA board meetings were successful and made an impact on the issue, and the people affected by it. Next time I go, one thing I would do differently is to speak at the podium.

My Trip To North Carolina

My brother, his girlfriend, Mackenzie, and I drove down on March 29, 2019 to North Carolina to see my grandparents Nanny and Poppy. Poppy has pancreatic Cancer, he is doing okay right now. We are taking a video of poppy and his memories. Poppy is 89 years old. My brother, his girlfriend Mackenzie and I had a beer at the food store. North Carolina food stores has a Bar in the food stores. We went to church with Nanny and poppy, we took a drive down to the Pier with poppy.

My dad’s surprise birthday party

My dad’s surprise birthday party was on November 2, 2018. The people that came to the surprise party were my dad’s sister, his fellow fireman, and friends. The theme of the surprise party was country western. We had little cowboy hats on the wine bottles, and red fireman helmets on the guest tables. I gave a speech at the surprise party about my father’s accomplishments.

AHRC Camp The Lodge

I went to a sleep away camp and stayed in the lodge for ten nights. They had goats. I went swimming in the pool and did paddle boating and boating on the lake. I went horse back riding, baking, drama, dancing, music playing. I get attached to the counselors at camp they did laundry every day except the last day. The counselors Took care of us and helped me if I needed help.

A Wrinkle in time movie

A wrinkle in time came out in 2018. It is a science fantasy adventure movie. It is directed by Ava Duvernay and written by Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell, I was at hotel respite and we agreed to see A wrinkle in time. The movie is about a group of children finding there father. The movie was very funny and the costumes were beautiful. The scenery was beautiful as well.