How self advocacy began

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 Self Advocacy sticking up for people with disabilities.
The self advocacy movement started in the 1960s most likely in Sweden, they began by forming groups so that individuals with disabilities may discuss, how they would like to be treated. In the 1970’s self advocacy awareness began to spread to other countries such as Great Britain and Canada. The Canadian group was unhappy with how it was being done, and decided to form a self advocacy group of their own, they called themselves “people first”. After that self advocacy spread nation wide. Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Connelly a politician from Staten Island was appointed chairwoman of the Assembly committee on mental Health, mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, Alcoholism, and substance Abuse in 1977. She played a huge role in the closing of the infamous Willowbrook state school and the self advocacy movement itself.
(The paragraph above will be displayed at the college of Staten Island and Elizabeth Connelly Center)

A Wrinkle in time movie

A wrinkle in time came out in 2018. It is a science fantasy adventure movie. It is directed by Ava Duvernay and written by Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell, I was at hotel respite and we agreed to see A wrinkle in time. The movie is about a group of children finding there father. The movie was very funny and the costumes were beautiful. The scenery was beautiful as well.

Weather changing

The weather changing gets people sick. I can’t take the weather changing one day it’s cold and snowy outside.next day it’s warm,sunny outside. We got snow this week and next week we are post to snow again. First day of spring is on Tuesday and it’s post to snow on the first day of spring when is it going to stop winter it feels like it’s not going to stop. That’s why people get sick.

Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Counsel Breakfast

I went to a Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Counsel Breakfast on last Friday. They talked about how people with disabilities need more independent living and programs. They also talked about kids in pre school how they are shutting down the pre schools. They need more money to keep them open. Kids need to learn, if kids don’t have special education they are not going to learn. Special education is important for kids because they need to learn.

SANYS meetings self advocacy

Hey sorry for not writing a blog in a while. I been Busy with writing a campaign for self advocacy and I am running for Vice President.

We talked about issues that has to do with self advocacy and people with disabilities. It falls on every first Tuesday of the month. We Bring the issues to the self advocacy group and we try to fix them. Sometimes it is hard to fix issues.

on Tuesday at SANYS meeting we discussed issues with Access A Ride. They don’t come on time or they don’t come at all. Someone I know had a problem with a Access A Ride, they didn’t pick her up and the staff went to pick her up at home. Next time I go to SANYS meeting we are going to discuss issues about guardianship and other things.

Not my president

I think it is time to vote Donald trump out of office. He is ruining people with disabilities lives because he is trying to take away food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare. Donald trump thinks he can change the world and make it better but he is making it worse. Donald trump is trying to Defund programs for people with disabilities because he doesn’t like that people are different than him.


This campaigns make me nervous, I need to practice writing and reading to research stuff. It is scary for me to go against Chris. I don’t like campaigns because it’s hard for me to learn. I can’t wait to be done with this campaign though I hope I win. Campaign is for self advocacy group.

Ban Guns From People who Have Mental illness

There has been a lot of gun shooting in the last few years. There is Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Florida. It is Horrible to hear about the shooting. I feel bad for the people who died in the shootings. No person with mental illness should be able to have a gun. Parents shouldn’t let there children handle guns. Parents should be more aware of their children and if they are hiding guns.